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Take Advantage of the Semester Break

This time of year can be great, but also stressful. Not many people have love for final exams, but they’re a part of almost every class. After exams, you’ll likely have a few weeks off, so keep pushing because you’re almost at the finish line!

Did You Hit the Mark?

College can be tough because it’s one of the few times in life when you’re expected to balance both work and school. They say “you reap what you sow”, so for better or for worse, the winter break is the time to take inventory of what you put in and what you got back this semester.

Looking back at the semester, how did it? Go back to September — were you able to accomplish your goals? How about your grades — are they where you expected them to be? The great thing about the second semester is that you’re able to learn from the first. If everything went as planned, great! If not, relax over the break and make a new plan of attack.

New Variables

You’ll also need to take new variables into account. Is anything changing? Sports or extracurricular activities? How about your work schedule? Will your classes be the same, harder or easier? Consider what else might fall on the periphery. If you have new things vying for your time, you might need to allocate more study time. If your schedule is going to free up, lucky you! You’ll end up with some extra free time.

Don’t Procrastinate

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow, right? Bad idea. Life has a funny way of throwing the unexpected your way. If you’re looking at a lot of free time and pushing studies back ’til later, don’t! Get it out of the way, then go enjoy yourself stress-free. Then if something unexpected comes up, you’ll be okay. Printers run out of ink, cars break down, work calls you in when you’re not scheduled and friends get last-minute tickets to concerts and games. Don’t miss out because you were watching TV instead of studying.

Round Two

Enjoy the break, rest up and be ready to jump back in for round two. Learn the lessons of the first semester, and come back energized and ready to go. Have a great holiday, good luck and see you in 2018!